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Hard Water is a BIG Problem in Las Vegas!

Without a Doubt If You Live in the Las Vegas Area Your Home Has Hard Water. Simple Solution?

A Home Water Softener

​When water contains a high level of minerals it is classified as “Hard Water”. The water in Las Vegas has one of the highest levels of these minerals in the country. The non-toxic minerals are magnesium and calcium. 

​There are many problems hard water can cause such as water spots on your dishes, chalky stains on your laundry, clogged pipes from mineral build-up in pipes, stains in sinks, toilets, showers, stains around faucets and shower fixtures, as well as potential health issues.

drinking water washing food bathing and whole home water systems

Hard water can cause a build up of scale inside pipes while using hot water in sinks, showers and washing machines which decreases the lift span of these items. Hard water can also decrease the amount of lathering when using soap or shampoo due to the high existence of minerals present.

It can be very difficult to clean hard water stains in your home. It's also known that hard water can cause skin pores to clog causing flaking and itching due to the high mineral content in hard water.

Due to the high calcium and magnesium present in hard water the occurrence of kidney stones is more likely due to the fact that kidney stones are composed from calcium. A person's diet also affects the possibility of developing kidney stones, but it has shown that softened water as opposed to hard water lessens the likelihood that kidney stones may reoccur.

With a water softener system you can save by having to buy less detergents and cleaning supplies and also extend the life of clothes and textiles. Soft water can increase the life expectancy of all your water-using appliances, faucets, fixtures and plumbing by preventing scale in your pipes feeding water to your appliances.

It is imperative that you have clean and healthy water in your home so please contact Celestial Water Systems today for your FREE in-home Water Test by clicking on the link above, or by calling us TODAY at (702) 886-7002.

Let The  Experts At Celestial Water Fix Your Hard Water Problem!

​Celestial Water Systems have been in business in Las Vegas since 2002 and we strive to make our customers happy and provide the solution to their hard water problems.

​Just click on the box for a FREE In-Home Water Test to begin the process of finding out how our water softener systems can rid your home of the hard water problems facing you now. We will call you to set up an appointment for our technician to visit you to test your water and recommend the solution that's best for you. The technician will provide you with an estimate of the water softener system solution to solve your home's hard water condition. If you prefer to call us you can reach us at (702) 886-7002 Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and our office manager will schedule an appointment and answer any questions you may have.

Installation of our water softener system is usually done between 3 and 5 days from the date your water is tested and our solution is recommended. You can trust our knowledgeable technicians to install water softener system that will meet the needs of your family and household.

For your FREE in-home Water Test click on the link above, or by call us TODAY at (702) 886-7002

We Are an authorized General Electric Distributor in Las Vegas

Celestial Water Systems is an authorized General Electric distributor in Las Vegas. Westinghouse represents over 100+ years of innovation and their products are superior. Water is essential to our lives and General Electric takes the task of purifying it very seriously. General Electric's water softeners are highly efficient water treatment solutions to eliminate your hard water problems. Our water softener system is manufactured by General Electric and ensures quality, value and the customer support you need.

The General Electric system provides your entire home with the trouble-free benefits of refined, clean soft water. Clothes and linens will be softer, brighter, and last longer. Water spots, scaling of water-using appliances and fixtures, soap scum, and other water quality issues will become distant memories. You will find comfort knowing that we, at Celestial Water Systems can install a quality water softener system that delivers safe, clean water with many innovations. When you add our Westinghouse water softener system to your home you will notice the improvements immediately. No more hard water spots on your clothes, sinks, faucets or shower heads. Detergents, soaps and cleaners will last longer resulting in the cleanliness of your home lasting longer as well! When we install a General Electric Water Softener System you'll receive unlimited conditioned water, you'll reduce the cost of soaps and cleaners, save hours of cleaning time and extend the life of your plumbing, appliances, facets and fixtures. Our system will remove the hardness causing minerals in your home to provide clean and healthy water for your family.

 We Have One of the Best Warranties in Our Industry!

You will have peace of mind knowing that your entire General Electric Water Softener System installed by Celestial Water Systems is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty that covers all components as long as you own your system. Nothing is pro-rated, and no coverage is lost. You can review the complete written warranty for details. With the best innovate water softener systems by General Electric, brought to you by Celestial Water Systems, you can feel confident that you are getting a quality solution, as well as value and customer service. We stand by our service and products and are here for you if you have any concerns or questions about the system we install in your home. So don't delay, contact us TODAY!

We Only Use Our Own Employees for Installation We Do Not Subcontract. 

​Our staff of trained technicians have the knowledge and expertise in providing the solution for your home in a timely and affordable manner. We never use sub-contractors to provide service to our customers so you can rely on the expertise of our staff to provide 100% customer service and support. Our trained technicians have been serving the water softener system needs of Las Vegas residents since 2002 and they take pride in knowing that they offer the best quality systems and exceptional service, all at affordable prices. While striving to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in our workmanship and products, we will solve your hard water problems efficiently with outstanding service. We're proud to be a distributor of the high-quality General Electric products which we offer to our customers seeking solutions to their hard water problems. Our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured with a reputation of making our customers' needs our Number 1 Priority!

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Hard Water is a BIG Problem in Las Vegas!