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Celestial Water Las Vegas Reviews

‚ÄčI recently bought a house and upon moving in I noticed that my tap water didn't taste right and it seemed a bit cloudy as well. I started buying bottled water but then after researching it online I found some disturbing things about companies not purifying the water like the label says they do. So, I asked a few friends about it and they said I could get a reverse osmosis system that would filter the tap water for me. I did some research on that and found the web site for Celestial Water Systems in Vegas and was able to learn quite a bit more about how my tap water might have chemicals and bacteria and how a reverse osmosis system could help with that. I gave them a call and the office girl was great about answering my questions and she sent a rep out to my home that week for a free water test. Now I have their great system installed in my home and my whole family enjoys the filtered water that tastes awesome. Even my children are grabbing a glass of water more! Thanks Celestial.

Las Vegas, NV
John Pahrump, NV

I spent a fortune on bottled water and spent lots of time carting my jugs to one of those refill places and finally got sick of it. My teenager looked into a reverse osmosis system on the internet and he requested somebody call me about one of the systems. The next day I got a call from a rep at Celestial Water Systems in Vegas and he gave me lots of information about how their system was built by General Electric and that it would filter my drinking water so that I wouldn't have to lug the jugs or bottles so we made an appointment that week. Well, got the new system in and the water tastes great! Happy with the service and the rep that came by. He made me feel like I was really important and even laughed at my jokes!!

I had an awful problem due to hard water in our home that we just moved into. My clothes had white chalky spots on them so ended up having to wash them all over again to get the spots out. When I tried to tidy up my kitchen and bathroom faucets it seemed I spent twice as much time as I should have just scrubbing the water spots off. I was at my wits end and was telling a friend about the problems I was having and she explained the horrors of hard water. On her recommendation I visited Celestial Water Systems' web site and learned about the hard water dilemma I was facing in my home. I clicked on the link for the FREE in-home water test and next day a rep called and made an appointment to come and test my water. He did the test and recommended the system I needed and it was installed within a week. I can't say enough positive things about the awesome tech that helped me through the whole process and the soft water in my home is just fabulous. The spots on my laundry have disappeared and I save tons of time on cleaning my faucets and shower. My only regret is that I didn't call the experts at Celestial sooner!!

Summerlin, NV
Clark Henderson, NV

On the recommendation of a friend I gave Celestial Water Systems a call to help with my water challenges at home. After some basic questions we made an appointment for one of their technicians to stop by and do a free water test. The rep showed up and told me the test showed I had various levels of contaminants in my drinking water, as well as hard water. He explained the pros and cons of solutions for each problem and I decided to go with their whole house water system to solve both problems. They got it installed within a week or so and I am totally satisfied with the product which is made by General Electric, as well as the attention to detail the technician showed as he was explaining everything to me during the installation. They are a great company to deal with and I'll recommend them to my other family members that live in Vegas who have similar water problems in their homes.

I've had my Westinghouse whole house refined water treatment system that was installed by the technician at Celestial Water Systems for about three months. My water looks clear and tastes great and no more chalky stains on my plumbing features and sinks. The service was fast, problems were solved quickly and I feel confident with my system manufactured by General Electric. Celestial Water Systems are wonderful to deal with and I highly recommend them.

North Las Vegas, NV